Interpreting is an oral form of language transmission from source language into the target one and vice versa. Interpretation requires great communication and memory skills, also years of constant training.

We are translating for you following language combinations:

German ↔ Slovak ↔ Russian


We provide professional and conference interpreting


Professional interpretation Slovak-German-Russian in following Fields: law, economy, finance, bank, medicine, pharmaceutic, automotive, insurance, politics, marketing, real estate, technology, transport, psychology etc.


Events we can interprete for you:

General assembly, divers company meetings, conferences, workshops, negotiation meetings, presentations, social and cultural events, weddings and funeral ceremonies and plenty of others.

Feel free to send us your request.


Conference interpretation

Conferences can be interprated through divers interpreting styles as simultaneous or consecutive interpreting and whispering.


Simultaneous interpretation

During this kind of interpretation is the interpreter generally in a separate cabin equiped by microphone and headset, so he is transmitting the message into the target language simultaneously – in parallel with the speaker to the audience which also equiped by headset.


Consecutive interpretation

Speaker is making pauses in his speech to alow the interpreter to transmit the message into the target language. Interpreter is taking notices during the speech to keep the interpretation authentic, precise and complete.



Wihspering is when interpreter is sitting next to the person to whom it is translated. This short distance allows to whisper the text as it´s being said in to her ear. Recommended for interpreting to max. 1-2 persons.



Price of interpreting will be based on in advance agreed terms:

1 working day of interpreter = 8 hours  (incl. all breaks)

1/2 working day of interpreter = 4 hours (incl. all breaks). Above 4 hours the whole day is charged.

Possibilty to agree on hourly rate.


Base price for Interpreting

1 working day – max. 8 hours



consekutiv 140,00 € 250,00 €
simultaneous 200,00 € 370,00 €

+ travel time + travel expences + meal


½ working day – max. 4 hours



consekutiv 70,00 € 125,00 €
simultaneous 100,00 € 185,00 €

+ travel time + travel expences + meal


Hourly rate



simple 20,00 € 35,00 €
middle 23,00 € 38,00 €
difficult 28,00 € 43,00 €

Max. 2 hours +  travel time + travel expences + meal


simple – without professional terminology

middle – with professional terminology

difficult – complex content, complicated technical terminology


All additional expences related to interpretations taking place out of Bratislava city are carried by the customer either by paying directly on place or by reimbursing exepnces to the interpreter.

These are for example travel costs, accomodation, meal, etc.

Travel time / loss of time: 1 hour = Euro 15,00 VAT excl. / Euro 18,00 VAT incl.


At regular and longterm cooperation we offer reduction and quantity discounts.

 These are guide prices, the real ones will be calculated for each customer and for each order individualy.

Feel free to send us your request and we will do our best to fulfil your requirements.